Early mornings

Unfortunately, this whole early morning thing is becoming a regular thing. (Remember, this is the girl who never has class before 10 (at the earliest) and never on Fridays). But I am beginning to warm up to the idea. When you start your day at 8, you have so many hours in which to be productive. Who knew?

This morning, we had to meet our professor at 9, which I guess is neither super early nor ridiculous, as that is when class actually begins, so that we could go back to Petřín Hill to climb the “Eiffel Tower.” I believe I mentioned this in an earlier post, but the Czechs built a tower which looks just like the Eiffel Tower, and even though the structure itself is smaller than the original, when you factor in the fact that Prague is higher above sea level than Paris is and that it’s on a hill, the tower in Prague is actually eight meters taller than Paris. And yes, this was most certainly done on purpose. Czech mate! (I should be getting way more sleep if this is what my jokes are coming to.) Regardless of my lack of sleep, we hiked up the hill because the trams aren’t running again until November (ahh, post-communist world, you never cease to amaze me), and then climbed up the 300 stairs to the top of the tower. But boy, was it worth it!

The leaves are beginning to change!

Malá Strana and the Castle area


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