Twisted Sister

I will say this once, and only once. I am totally eating my words right now. Today, I took my “all-or-nothing kind of girl” too far. But before I explain what exactly I mean by this, I think I will tell you about the beginning of my day first.

I woke up while it was still dark (ok, fine, so it was only 7 am, but that’s early for me!), but didn’t allow the dark or the cold to deter me from heading to Paradise. I packed my usual sandwich at breakfast and headed off to the bus like the nature-loving girl that I am. (This actually isn’t sarcastic. I may, for the most part, be a city girl, but I can play in the dirt provided that I know that a shower is definitely in my near future.)

Bohemian Paradise was beautiful. There were tall trees everywhere, light streaming in from everywhere, and changing leaves to spice up the color palette. A nature-loving, photographer’s dream. Seriously.




I’m not sure how much this climber enjoyed our applause, but we thought that it was pretty cool that he was there!



The hikers!
(from left: Gavin, Jill, Rosie, Maggie, Laura, me, Aaron, Taylor, Eddie, & Ian)

And then the sad part happened. The all-or-nothing side of me. We were hiking down a hill and all of a sudden my feet came out from underneath me, my ankle turned, and I heard a click. Instantly my stomach plummeted and I was convinced I had broken everything. After a quick deep breath, I realized it was only my ankle, but I could put weight on it, even though it hurt. I have never broken a bone before, so I was convinced that my ankle was going to set and I would be disfigured and crippled for life. Or something equally horrifying. But that was not the case – thank god.

After sitting in agony for a few hours (Bohemian Paradise is about 2 hours outside of Prague, plus our professor decided to take a one hour stop at some ruins while I sat on the bus convinced that more and more horrible things were happening to my ankle), I was finally taken to the hospital by both my Czech teacher and the director of the program. And even though I promised Libby that I would stay out of Czech hospitals, I have to say, this one was pretty efficient and not so bad!

Oh, and if you’re concerned about my ankle, I will be ok. I appear to have stretched a ligament, and even though it looks like I’ve tucked a little golfball in my ankle for safe-keeping, I haven’t. 1-2 weeks with my ace bandage and I should be good as new! So much for a quiet weekend…


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