Sunday was the St. Martin’s Festival in Prague! To be honest, I am still not 100% sure what it celebrates or who St. Martin is, but I do know that wine festivals are lots of fun, so my friends and I were more than happy to help the Praguer’s celebrate the event! For a few dollars, you got a wine glass (very classy) and then you got to walk around the festival try different vineyard’s wine for about 50 cents for a (gernerously portioned) “tasting glass.” They also supplied necklace-contraptions so that you could wear the wineglass around your neck and be hands free!

Look Ma, no hands!

In addition to having lots of different kinds of wine, there were also lots of different kinds of food. At one point, we walked past these huge vats of cabbage and my friend Laura and I thought they looked good. We then looked at each other and I said, “you know you’ve been living in the Czech Republic for too long when enormous buckets of floating cabbage look tasty to you…” (For the record, the floating-bucket-cabbage was delicious! Oh. And it came in a bag. Even better.)

St. Martin arriving on his horse

Hand-made potato chips!




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