Yesterday I had a Czech test in the morning, which went about as well as you’re probably thinking that it went right now, and then I, along with Laura, went to the Mucha Museum. Alfonse Mucha was a Czech graphic artist who worked in France for many years. His work, while very different from one another, maintains a clear graphic signature. I didn’t know that much about his work, but I really enjoyed getting to learn more. For those of you who haven’t clicked the link yet and want to know more about Mucha, go ahead, click. It’s a link to his wikipedia page.

Working with actress Sarah Bernhardt is how Mucha got so famous. These posters were so well received people used to run around and steal them from the walls on which they were mounted!

This weekend I will be in Paris with three of my best friends from Haverford! So after the museum, I packed in a pretty frenzied mess and then headed off to France!

But, since this feels like a pretty wimpy blog post, I figured I would give you some of my current thoughts on the world, life, and whatever else is currently buzzing around in there.

  • Backpacks might be the most convenient bags out there, but no matter how convenient, a heavy bag is still heavy.
  • You would think that after 20 years on earth and countless trips this semester I would learn how to pack better.
  • Czech might be the most difficult language ever. They have a preposition for when you go to someone’s house but they aren’t there. Say what?!?
  • Christmas markets should come to the US (along with their palachinky, tradelnik, and massive jars of honey).
  • I have a tape worm which is clearly on strike because I am always hungry but am not loosing crazy amounts of weight.
  • Light blue tights should never be a thing.
  • The Czech Republic has more knock-off UGG boot brands than I have ever seen before.
  • Chelsea boots are everywhere in the CR. And they should totally be a thing everywhere.
  • Too Loud a Solitude was a great read.
  • Summer applications are hard.

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