Real Talk in Real Time

I am still in Copenhagen right now after visiting my friend Jon for the weekend. Our other friend Gavi came too, which was wonderful. Actually, it was marvelous to see the two of them. But you will just have to wait until later for actual details of what we did. While I was with Jon, he informed me that my blog doesn’t sound like me because I don’t speak as linearly as I do in my blog. Well, duh. But, in an effort to bring a little more “me” into my blog, I thought I would give a more typical-Allie post. You know, rant style. 

  • My flight is delayed 2 hours. 
  • The Danes, who are famous for design have about 2 chairs in their whole airport. C’mon. For those of us gate-less and therefore homeless people, it means that we are sitting along the walls of the stores that have giant “Coming Soon” signs. And from the looks of the board, there are hundreds of us wandering around the airport. 
  • In order to get the free wi-fi, I have to sign up for CPH Advantage, a service where I will now get messages about sales in the airport and other nonsense that I do not need. Let’s get serious for a minute, here, Copenhagen Airport. If I am in the airport leaving, what are the chances that I need this information? (I know, I know. Danes fly out of here too.)
  • Because my flight is super delayed, that cup of water that I was banking on all afternoon on my flight (Thanks, Czech Airlines, you guys are seriously the best) keeps getting delayed and because I am stuck here, I was forced to go into Duty Free and buy a (ridiculously overpriced) bottle of water and naturally ended up behind 2 women who were stocking up for the end of the world (Ladies, they have exchange offices!) I’m talking multiple large bottles of alcohol, 17 kinds of candy, a massive carton of cigarettes, and a few sodas. Guess they are in for a good flight!
  • As I sit on the floor, I am staring at the board, willing it, praying to it, to not push my flight back again
  • The man next to me just got yelled at by his wife for lending out too much of their money this weekend and it was beyond uncomfortable to listen to. Also, Duty Free takes all currency, so she could have shopped there. 
  • I have 1.36 crowns left on my phone so I can effectively call no one. Whoops. 
  • I have a gate! As I sit here writing this, the Gods of that damn departures board (and by that I mean wonderful, beautiful. excellent news-bearing board) has informed me that my flight will fly out of A20. Hallelujah! 


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