In order to satisfy my father’s one-a-day request for posts, I thought I would share a little Czech delicacy that gets less publicity than others, though it is no less tasty. And probably won’t give you diabetes immediately.

Czechs love to eat Chlebíčky (pronounced hlebichky) for lunch. Chlebíčky are small, open-faced sandwhiches with thick spreads and meat and veggies slices on them. They are cheap, delicious, and kinda cute. Down the street from CHP is a really good Chlebíčky place called Zlatý Kříž. Today, I sampled 3 little sandwiches.

ImageThe ingedients in Zlatý Kříž are all in Czech, and since my food vocabulary basically covered goulash, chicken, and the general word “meat”, ordering sandwiches is a little like playing russian roulette. I will attempt to tell you what I ate for lunch today, but really, your guess is as good as mine.

On the left was a sandwich with potato salad, brie slices and a piece of hard boiled egg. It was ok, but not my favorite. The middle sandwich I think might be crab meat, but I legitimately have know idea what I ate. It was ok though. The one on the right has roast beef and some sort of sweet-tasting sauce on it. I have had this one a couple of times and I think it’s my favorite.


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  1. This is so cool to see! I will definitely have to try some if I go to Prague. They look kind of similar to Spanish tapas, I have a few pictures in my Barcelona post.

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