A Quick Rant

A lot of fingers get pointed at America as we seem to be filled with a few extra crazies than most countries. And while that may be true, although I am more than a little skeptical as to whether or not this is true, I would actually venture to say that America is more open and politically correct than most countries. I have talked about this issue with another friend of mine who is also abroad, and to protect the innocent, I will leave out which country said friend is in. To make this easier on myself, I will call said friend Jenny, only because all of these gender neutral pronouns are getting tricky! Anyways, Jenny has a friend who went out for halloween as a sexy suicide bomber. When Jenny told me this I nearly choked. Seriously? That is beyond horrible. And all the while I was thinking, well thank god Prague has retained a little more racial blindness. 

Not this weekend. Last night, I went to go and see The Hobbit with 2 friends (great movie, by the way!) and there was a preview for China Airlines that had a man in blackfaceUh huh, you read that right. We were speechless and a little dumbfounded. And then tonight, walking through Old Town Square was a man dressed up as an Indian. 

There isn’t necessarily a point to this post as I can’t actually do much to stop blatant racism. I mean, I could have removed the Indian’s headdress, but that probably would not have ended positively. I guess all that I can do is point out what I have seen and hope that in reading this, someone is impacted to make a better decision in the future. A more understanding, appropriate, equalizing, non-racist decision.

Ok, rant over. 


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