In the past 33 weeks and 1 day, I have taken buses by the dozens, trains, planes, and a car to 24 cities in 14 countries*. I have handled 8 different currencies and been spoken to in 13 languages. And I have learned how to say “hello”, “cheers”, and “exit” in all of them! Along the way, I have met up with/visited 5 Haverford friends (Friends?) and been visited by 4 1/2 friends (one friend only briefly overlapped with my time in Prague and she didn’t stay with me, hence the 1/2), here in Prague. I have tried more kinds of beer than I care to remember, and even got to draft my own pint! And I have tried countless new foods. Over the course of the semester I experienced snow in 5 countries (Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, and Denmark). In the end, I had 1 amazing semester in Prague. (sorry for the cheese! I just couldn’t resist).

*Countries&Cities visited:

United Kingdom: London
Ireland: Dublin, Galway, Belfast
Czech Republic: Prague, Kutna Hora, Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary
Hungary: Budapest
Netherlands: Amsterdam
Austria: Vienna
Croatia: Zagreb, Pula, Rovinj, Opatija
Slovenia: Bled, Ljubljana
Italy: Trieste
Serbia: Belgrade
France: Paris
Sweden: Stockholm
Denmark: Copenhagen
Germany: Dresden, Berlin (I won’t visit Berlin until my family gets here on Saturday, but I still feel as though it counts towards this post as I will go there this semester)



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2 responses to “Facts&Figures

  1. That’s pretty impressive list! I bet you had very adventurous semester!

  2. Prague is my favorite city in Europe. I’ve spent some time there studying at http://unyp.cz. It was the greatest time of my life with best friends, a lot of fun and adventures. even studying was fun there.

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